If you have ever eaten fresh butter-fried cod during your holidays at the Baltic Sea you will remember the flavour forever!

The fish is caught in the Baltic Sea but large fishing clusters can be found also at shelf waters of the Atlantic Ocean northern part. Next to sprat and herring, cod is the most precious fish caught by EU fishing fleets.

In many European countries cod is the basic food ingredient. For example in the English fish and chips cod is the most often used fish kind. In Latin America countries, e.g. in Brazil they serve cod instead of meat during the Christmas Eve supper. In Croatian cuisine cod is as important as carp in Poland. Without cod there is no French cuisine, Italian cuisine (Cod Bolognese) or Basque cuisine (famous for its Bacalao la Vasca – cod in tomatoes). Baltic cod is often sold in form of fried fish and its great lovers are Germans and Britons.

Due to its great taste values cod is one of the most delicious and most often bought fish also in Poland. It is sold both as fresh and frozen fish but it is also available at our stores in form of gutted fish with head, carcass, fillets with and without skin and less often in form of loin, medallions or smoked loin. It has very tasty white meat. Apart from flavour values nutritionists say that cod is very rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. It contains 65% of fat that is used for producing cod-liver oil necessary for diabetes prevention.

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