For many years scientists and medical authorities do research concerning the influence of fish and seafood eating on people’s health and condition. They analyze mostly the good influence of fish on the prevention of such diseases as kidney cancer, prostate cancer, stroke or heart disease.

A Swedish Medical University-– Karolinske Inst in Stockholm published the result of a reasearch carried out by a team led by prof. Alicja Wolk which proved that 61,000 Swedish women who ate fat fish once a week were 75% less prone to kidney cancer than the women who consumed no fish.

American scientists published in American Journal of the Clinical Nutrition the results or research carried on 250,000 men which showed that fish consumption decreased prostate cancer probability by 41%.

In Great Britain they have been carrying for years the research on the influence of fish consumption on stroke prevention. Rajiv Chowdhury from the Public Health Department of Cambridge University analyzed the result of 38 researches covering 800,000 people from 15 countries and showed that there is solid proof that eating fish prevents from stroke. We can prevent one stroke for 500 people provided that we eat fish 2-3 times a week. 

In Poland a lot of attention to heart diseases prevention was paid by prof. Zbigniew Religa. He would often recommend fish and fish oils consumption as the best heart disease prevention factor.

The latest scientists research shows fish consumption influence not only on a person’s health but also on a man’s life expectancy. E.g. Japan or Hong Kong inhabitants are the longest living people in the world- the average Hong Kong inhabitant life expectancy is 79 years and Japan inhabitant’s- 84 years. The researchers show here the direct relation between good diet and fish consumption and the life expectancy. In Japan yearly food consumption is equal to about 65 kg per person, while in Poland it is only about 12 kg per person. 


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