The ABRAMCZYK Co. has been operating since 1989. Since its inception the company has been dealing with buying, processing and selling frozen fish and seafood products in Poland and abroad. The company is owned by the Abramczyk family and is managed by owners and highly skilled managers. The mission of the company, determining the company’s priorities for 2006 – 2012, is as follows;

Satisfaction of our customers, improvement of our operations’ quality, gaining leading position in the frozen fish and seafood industry – there are our targets. Rest of assumptions are only supplements.

The ABRAMCZYK Co. cooperates with suppliers of raw materials and ready products from all corners of the world. The suppliers are located in Europe (Baltic Sea, Northern Sea, Mediterranean Sea) both Americas (Atlantic Ocean and western part of Pacific) and from Asia and Oceania (Okhotsk Sea, Pacific, Indian Ocean). Major suppliers of the ABRAMCZYK Co. posses leading position among producers of particular kinds of fish and seafood.

The most important buyers of the ABRAMCZYK’s products are located in Europe. The ABRAMCZYK Co. among others serves the following companies; Jeronimo Martins Dystribution, Makro Cash and Carry, Tesco, Intermarche, Auchan, Carrefour, Gerber and Lisner.

The company produces the goods by using modern equipment that allows to produce 50 000 kg. of goods daily. The company’s warehouses can simultaneously store 1 400 000 kilograms of goods. The company works in line with the HACCP standard.

As the only one company in Kujawsko – Pomorskie district the ABRAMCZYK Co. possesses its own free duty warehouse allows to process goods without necessity to pay duties in advance.