Family company ABRAMCZYK

The family company ABRAMCZYK as Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1994, but the beginnings of the four Abramczyk brothers date back to 1989. Roman, Ryszard, Czesław and Stanisław decided to share their culinary passion for fish with Polish consumers and began importing the most-liked species to Poland.

Today, we have three generations of the Abramczyk family supported by a team of dedicated employees, most of whom have been with us for many years. Together, we form the unique ABRAMCZYK Team, which changes the Polish diet for the better, offering Poles (and not only) all the richness of the seas and oceans (as well as rivers and lakes).

The family company ABRAMCZYK is currently a leader on the market of frozen fish and seafood in Poland, having one of the most modern processing plants in Europe. Every year, we supply over 100,000,000 fillets of the tastiest fish species from around the world to Polish tables. In recent years, we have also been dynamically developing the offer of chilled fish and seafood. ABRAMCZYK products can be found in stores of all chains operating in Poland and traditional, good fish stores.

Importantly, since the company was founded, one thing has not changed - wherever possible, the ABRAMCZYK family sells their products with what is most valuable to them - with their own name - and this obliges us at every stage of production, from catching to the finished product on the shop shelf.

Our mission - what empowers us

Make human life healthier, more convenient and richer in culinary thanks to natural products from around the world, offered in an innovative form, by a team of exceptional people who make up the family company ABRAMCZYK.

Our vision - what we constantly pursue

ABRAMCZYK is a Polish company based on tradition and family values, meeting the highest quality standards of offered natural products, as the European leader in its industry. This is a modern family company offering an "innovative product at an affordable price, available everywhere." It is also the company where you want to work.

Czesław Abramczyk - Prezes Zarządu