The rules of catching fish and sea fruit has been precisely described in the international law. One of the methods is processing fish directly on fishing boats immediately after fishing or just after the boats enters the harbour. In order to do that large fishing boats are eipped with special systems which use so called shock freezing which means freezing large amounts of fish and sea fruit. A great advantage of this method is a short period of time between fishing and freezing. It guarantees that they do not lose their flavour values. Another, equally effective method is proceesing the products in stationary processing plants. A fishing boat enters the harbour and delivers fish to a processing plant that puts the fish to a process of deep freezing. Such a product fully kepps it s flavour and nutrition values.

There is one fish processing method - freezing fresh unprocessed fish carcass and transporting it to contractors who freeze the fish and process it. Due to the worldwide tendency to take great care of fish products quality- this method is not very popular. Abramczyk fish is frozen directly on boats and thanks to that it keeps its freshness and tastes great.


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