Accoriding to culinary masters „quality mean freshness”. There is a lot truth in this saying – fresh fish tastes different than frozen fish. But it does not mean it tastes worse! The most delicious fish is the one prepared within the first several hours after fishing. Unfortunately not many fish lovers have direct access to fish straight after it has been caught, not to mention the access to sea fruit. The modern freezing technology allows freezing fish shortly after catching which guarantees keeping all the flavour values.

No matter what the freezing method is, in order for fish to keep its quality and taste, it is important to process and store it in a proper way. Fish, frozen or fresh, will only keep its values if it is kept from oxygen access and from meat tissue water loss. If fish is filleted straight after it has been caught and then it is properly frozen and packed and finally properly defrosted by consumers we have a guarantee that there will be no difference between fresh and frozen product.