Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global in Brussels is the world’s largest seafood trade fair.  The fair features more than 1,650 exhibiting companies from over 76 countries, including 72 international and regional pavilions, spanning 35,893 m2 of sold exhibits. ABRAMCZYK - Polish family-owned company is a regular exhibitor at this fair since 2002. We are already meeting our suppliers and customers from around the world for the 15th time.




The ABRAMCZYK FISH FESTIVAL (ŚWIĘTO RYBY ABRAMCZYK) – was a real food festival. Approx. 60 thousand people visited the Mill Island (Wyspa Młyńska) in Bydgoszcz on Saturday and Sunday in search of fish and seafood specialties. This is an impressive result, taking into consideration other outdoor events organized this weekend, and the fact the ABRAMCZYK Ltd. organized the Fish Festival (with the support of the City Council) for the first time. The success is even greater as this was a theme event – with fish and seafood being in the center of attention. It appears that consumers from Bydgoszcz and city visitors are great seafood lovers.

This is great news for us – said Ryszard Abramczyk – President of the family business, which has been providing fish and seafood from all around the world to Poles for more than 20 years. We were not sure how an outdoor event of this kind – with no sausages or pork - will be seen. It turned out that people not only want to consume fish, but they show great interest in it. When choosing a dish during the festival, they would ask a lot of questions about recipes and different ways of preparing fish.

They received replies from chefs from Bydgoszcz restaurants and cooks representations preparing fish and seafood on the largest smoker grills in Poland.


During these two days of the ABRAMCZYK Fish Festival one could eat freshly smoked wild salmon from Alaska. (ABRAMCZYK Ltd. is one of very few companies which distribute this product). Another fish which got a lot of attention was cod, prepared in various ways. Consumers discovered, amongst others, tasty hoki, and some could try for the first time cooked shrimps.

And all this at a very low, symbolic prices – taking into consideration the assortment – each dish without exception cost 7 PLN, whereas soups as starters were sold at only 5 PLN. Thanks to this all guests could taste various sea delicacies.


All the dishes were prepared from frozen ABRAMCZYK fish and seafood available at any time in the shops. Everyone could see that frozen fish can be smoked, fried, grilled and cooked – with equally perfect results. In a survey conducted during the event, more than 80% of consumers rated the taste of the dishes a 5 on a five-point scale.

And that’s exactly what we wanted to show – says Czesław Abramczyk – Vise President of the Company. With the latest fishing methods and technologies available on the fishing vessels, fish caught in the farthest corners of the world is almost immediately frozen and in this form is safely delivered to Poland with our help. This way it retains its full flavor as all participants of ABRAMCZYK fish festival could see.


The event was also to show that one can enjoy many fish and seafood-based dishes in the restaurants of Bydgoszcz. Not infrequently products from ABRAMCZYK are used to conjure up amazing seafood specialties in local restaurants. Thus, these tastes can be admired locally on a daily basis.


The Pirate Island

The Pirate Island created great fun for kids. Each child received a map that allowed free entrance to all the attractions. Being a family company, ABRAMCZYK Ltd. decided to make this day full of adventures for kids. The Pirate Island was bursting at the seams from open to close during the two-day event. The Company offered also a free snack for kids – their favorite fish fingers, and once all the attractions on the map were crossed out happy little pirates could win one of 12 Lego sets.

The run "With Abramczyk for health"

Apart from the food-related attractions, ABRAMCZYK invited kids to run "With Abramczyk for health". Pupils could demonstrate in this run their positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle in the sporty spirit. To encourage schools to participate in this project, ABRAMCZYK Ltd. funded TV sets to those institutions that listed the biggest number of participants and a multimedia projector as a consolation prize – says Michał Abramczyk – Sales Director. Almost 500 kids participated in the run.


ABRAMCZYK FISH FESTIVAL was not only a fantastic food event, but it also had a brilliant stage performances. On Saturday, the audience could listed to Własny Port, Szulerzy and the star of the evening - ŻUKI, and on Sunday again Własny Port with a longer performance this time and the star of the evening – Elektryczne Gitary. The unique atmosphere of the event was supported by the sailing songs sung by Własny Port, "10 w skali Beauforta" performed by ŻUKI as well as "Co powie Ryba" sung dynamically by Elektryczne Gitary.


The center stage programme was presented by a duet – Małgorzata Rogaty and Tomasz Zamiatowski, who amused, surprised, and reported on what was happening during the two-day event.


Cooperation with the City Government

Managing the ABRAMCZYK FISH FESTIVAL would not have been possible without the Bydgoszcz government support. Accepted by the city councillors, the idea of organizing this event met the expectations, taking into account the fact that approx. 60 thousand visitors came to the Mill Island on Saturday and Sunday. Positive feedback and congratulations that followed, made both ABRAMCZYK and the local government feel that the event turned out to be a good investment.


ABRAMCZYK Ltd. entrusted the technical side of the event to Rafał Rykowski’s Made in Poland company. As such a big event was organized for the first time we all have to admit that it was an organizational success.

Special thanks

The ABRAMCZYK family and the whole ABRAMCZYK team would like to thank all inhabitants of Bydgoszcz for their huge participation in the event, as well as assuring us that the work that the Company has been involved in for over 20 years has a deep meaning, because Poles are seafood lovers, and want to consume more fish and seafood every day.

"I wasn’t aware that frozen fish can be prepared in so many ways. Yummy! Besides, my kids had great fun."

Małgosia from Osielsko.

"I think I literally inhaled today a couple of kilograms of fish. Smoked halibut, or grilled wild salmon… I’m not even sure which one was better."

Michu from Leśne District.

"In short. Fish was delicious, ABRAMCZYK made the most of it. The concert of ŻUKI was fantastic, I couldn’t help but dance."

Henryk with a family from Koronowo

The first day was fantastic. An event for the entire family. It was really worth participating. Check it out! Event photos!


During first day The Fish Festival was visited by about 20,000 visitors.

The second day was even better! The relationship soon.

Not for the first time we are taking part in the European Seafood Exposition 2013.

It is the largest European fish industry fair. This year they are held between April 23-25 and as always it will be a great opportunity to make new business relations. The fair participation will also be a great chance for us to thank all our suppliers and customers for the cooperation. See you in Brussels!

We would like to kindly invite you to visit our stand number 1148, hall 6.

3 ways fish is another of our products prepared to answer the needs of our clients. You can prepare it in 3 ways: topped with herbs, delicate dough and sauté.

As all our products they contain no preservatives or poliphosporans. There are no fish bones in the loin and there minimum of glaze.