To facilitate our buyers possibility of testing ABRAMCZYK products we would like to recommend to them our special promotional packets. From September the best retail chain of stores in Poland will be offering one box of Black Tiger Shrimps 250g. with attached, free of charge, box of Meat of Mussels 250g. Enjoy your meal.

You don’t have to visit seaside restaurants to feel a holiday’s atmosphere. Efficient grill machine, good company and seafood products from the ABRAMCZYK Co. are sufficient to spend your leisure time interestingly.

 We would like to invite you to  visit our company’s web site where you can find plenty of proposals how seafood goods can be prepared;

 Enjoy your meal!

Unique taste, gentle and white meat are only a few of this fish advantages.

Thanks to these features Barramundi can be served in many ways – as fresh fish, boiled, roasted, baked, stewed.