It is with pleasure we inform that the ABRAMCZYK Co. has been placed on the 71st position in Poland among food companies in the ranking prepared by the RZECZPOSPOLITA magazine (the most powerful newspaper in Poland)

Companies that are present on the rank list must achieve above market financial results and be reputable in front of their cooperators. These are firms that develop themselves fast but are stable and are allowed to achieve permanent development despite external limitations. Ranked companies must have a clear vision of products quality and reputable contact with customers.

The ABRAMCZYK Co. in fulfilling its strategy takes into consideration such aspects as social responsibility, protection of the environment, and relation with different groups like buyers, business partners and local communities. 

We are satisfied that our efforts aimed at building positive relations with stakeholders have been noticed and appreciated.

Dear Sirs,

We are sure that our success has been achieved thanks to our partners and with their participation. Your trust and professional cooperation allow the ABRAMCZYK Co. to become the ranking participant. We would like to thank you for your cooperation.

We would like to also declare that our activities still will be oriented toward fulfilling rules described in our company’s mission statement: Satisfaction of our customers, improvement of our operations’ quality, gaining leading position in the frozen fish and seafood industry – there are our targets. Rest of assumptions are only supplements.