The ABRAMCZYK Co. consequently realizes the policy of developing new sales opportunities on international markets. As a results of intensive attempts of all international managers of the sales and marketing department the ABRAMCZYK Co gains the following additional sales contacts;TESCO Slovakia, TESCO Czech  Republic, TESCO Hungary, UAB Sanitex, SC Premia FFL, LIŠKA Slovakia s.r.o., SNIEŽIK s.r.o., BAKA un A Ltd., AG SEAFOOD s.r.o. oraz NOWACO KRALUPY, s.r.o.

The ABRAMCZYK Co. establishes business ties with the chain of supermarkets Carrefour®. Since October 2011 the goods offered by the ABRAMCZYK Co. are available in ……..  Carrefour®  markets located on the whole territory of Poland.

The Trade and Marketing Department of the ABRAMCZYK Company has prepared lots of special sales actions for September 2011. All details of these actions can be used through direct contact with the managers of the Sales and Marketing Department. We invite you to find out more on other sales actions of the ABRAMCZYK Company.  

After 5 years of successful cooperation Mr. Marek Ziebicki finishes work for the ABRAMCZYK Co. as the Finance Director. We would like to thank Mr. Marek for good engagement and deep professionalism and wish him new achievements in the future. From now the position of the Finance Director of the ABRAMCZYK Co. will be held by Mrs. Aleksandra Kowalska. Mrs. Aleksandra Kowalska is a well experienced finance manager with a professional background within financial and managerial challenges. We wish Mrs. Aleksandra Kowalska new successes during cooperation with the ABRAMCZYK Company.

The Sales and Marketing Department of the ABRAMCZYK Co. has prepared special sales proposals available for all customers in July and August. Summertime is a good moment to try out new products and gain good market position before the new sales season.

We invite all our customers to experience our special sales proposals through direct contact with specialists of the Sales and Marketing Department of the ABRAMCZYK Co.