Together with the first warmer days we can start preparations for outdoor grill sessions. To create these moments more attractive please remember our special proposals. Apart from fish fillets you can try plenty of seafood goods and especially fish steaks including Salmon, Halibut and Cod.

On 18th March 2011 during the conference “What about Polish villages?, What about agriculture?, What about food?) organized in Opera Nova in Bydgoszcz the president of the ABRAMCZYK Co. met with the Polish Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Mark Sawicki.

Apart from the Polish Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in the conference took part Mrs. Eva Mes – the President of the Kujawsko – Pomorskie Region and Peter Całbecki – the Marshal of the Kujawsko – Pomorskie Region.

The conference was devoted to discussion about the present situation of the rural industry, its prospects and future opportunities of the industry development. The question which dominated the discussion was: “Is it worth producing good quality food?”

Mr. Mark Sawicki held a meeting with Mr. Czesław Abramczyk during which there were discussed problems such as prospects of frozen food in Poland and Europe, improvement of relations with national agendas, and development of Polish deep sea harbours.

Unique taste, gentle and white meat are only a few of this fish advantages.

Thanks to these features Barramundi can be served in many ways – as fresh fish, boiled, roasted, baked, stewed.

One portion (150g.) of a smoked cod has only 110 kcal. It is 4 times less than one portion of a roasted pork. What’s more a cod delivers you so much iodine as you need every day. The iodine intensifies your metabolism. If you fight with your obesity you can eat fatty sea fish. Their fat limits your appetite, supporting your intentions.