According to our nutrition experts you should eat fish at least twice a week. To keep good health eating fish is the best idea. Since mid 90s we can observe the common tendency in Poles nutrition habits improvement. Still the traditional Polish cuisine dominates on our tables, however our diet awareness gradually gets better and we slowly add lighter and healthier foods to our menu. In order to have good health, energy and vitality we should eat lots of fish!  

Fish is a great source of protein of high nutrition value; e.g. the cod protein amino acid content is almost the same as the one of egg protein. Consumption of fat sea fish as mackerel, sardine, halibut or salmon plays an important role in prevention of many diseases, especially in heart diseases. These fish contains great amounts of unsaturated fatty acids that have good impact on nerve tissues development and limit postnatal depression.

Sea fish and sea fruit are also the basis source of iodine in a human diet. Its shortage in a human body can be dangerous to health and life since iodine is necessary for the good functioning of thyroid gland which is responsible for regulating metabolism and neural system.

Fish and shellfish are also the best source of group B vitamins, while fat fish such as herring, mackerel and salmon contain great amounts of group A and D vitamins.
All fish are great source microelements: selenium, phosphor, potassium and magnesium. That is why they stimulate immunity and reduce the feeling of fatigue after a meal.

Well balanced meal based on food ingredients will not cause the feeling of stomach heaviness or problems with concentration and sleepiness. The feeling of sleepiness is a sign of a too calorific and improperly balanced meal.


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